Welcome to Minecraft Grand Strategy!

Players may build cities, fight wars and engage in several layers of geopolitics and meta-affairs created with our unique plugin roster. Religion, ideology and other roleplay mechanisms will guide the game in ways nation vs. nation warfare can’t.

Our goal is to create a system of gameplay that makes players feel like they are part of a completely dynamic world where planning, cunning and productivity have real and immediately-evident effects on the game.

We distinguish ourselves from other geopolitical servers with our ages system. Over a period of twelve months, six ages will come and pass, bringing new features to simulate technological advancements as mankind’s civilization spreads throughout the world. World borders will expand with each age to keep territory and important locations fresh while also simulating colonialism in the later ages.

In addition to classic plants and mobs, new bushes, fruit trees and crops are added and several types of bandits like barbarians and pirates patrol the unclaimed wilderness.

We aren’t pay-to-win and have a mostly player-based economy with a fair admin shop that buys and sells age-appropriate goods. Chess and other “brain games” will be one of the sources of in-game currency.

At the end of age 6, the winners of the long game get to decide the features of age 7 by completing a wealth consolidation, ideological conversion or conquest victory. If age 6 lasts for too long, the world will end in nuclear devastation and age 7 will open as an apocalyptic version of the map, replacing all cities with rubble. A victory by comparison would allow for an emphasis on personal creativity and innovation with an egalitarian takeover, a partially-irradiated global authority if world conquest is achieved, new alien worlds to explore and settle for a technocratic victory or the opening of an extra-dimensional realm if a religion dominates the entire world. Every ideology and victory goal results in a unique 7th age.

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